About my work

The terrifying thin line between life and death bewilders me, overwhelming me with powerlessness.

As an artist, I too want to balance on a thin line, the line between attraction and repulsion, cherishing and torturing, power and powerlessness, life and death. With humor though, preferably. 

I am creating video works, installations and objects. The one originates from the other. I have found ‘the effect of reality’ to be very important for my art.


Press about my work

  • 2011: Friesch Dagblad, ‘Moving images about life and death by Mathilde Hemmes’

Especially her video’s offer the possibility to be as well confronting as poëtic. Full of love she bends over to what abject others. That is a gift, as she knows how to use this love to change a repellent issue into unearthly beauty.

  • 2007: Dagblad van het Noorden, ‘Crying for Gods Lamb’

Is this just a lamb or is it Gods Lamb? Is this installation maybe a modern version of the Pieta? The suspense put on by the video ‘like a lamb’ is about the question: does it live or not?

  • 2006: Omrop Fryslan, about exhibition ‘deathcauses’ 

She makes video’s and objects and in her work death is crucial. Not an easy subject, but I have to say, although the exhibition neither wasn’t easy: it took my breath away.

  • 2006: Stentor, ‘Cherish and Torture’ come frightening close together